Monday, April 27, 2009

It's Easier Than I Thought

Hey everyone. Well, this is it. The Borozny's blog about their forthcoming baby, now affectionately referred to as "The Remix."

Let me bring you all up to speed.

Yes, Amber is pregnant. No, we weren't really trying. It's all mine (Damon's) fault. I did it. No one else to blame but me. We were going to start trying at the end of 2009, so it's just a little early and totally welcome. Amber and I are both really excited.

D-Day is Oct 3. No, we're not going to find out the sex. How many true surprises do we get in this life really? I want to tell everyone that Amber is giving me this surprise and she is a wonderful and gracious human being for doing so. Thank you, Wife.

Amber is a real trooper. She is dealing with things I can't even imagine, like growing another person inside her. We're at almost 18 weeks now, so she's back to her old self. The first trimester she didn't have much sickness but was super tired. That all seems to have passed now and like I said, she's back to her old self.

Time flies. It seems like yesterday when she called to say, "I have news. Do you want me to wait till I get home to talk to you about it?" Yeah, right. Like I can resist that. Next week she goes in for blood work, then the week after it's time for the ultra-sound.

In the meantime, here are some pics.

It says, "Pregnant". It should say, "Goal!!!"

First Ultra Sound


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