Monday, August 10, 2009

A Bunch of Lasts

I've noticed that Amber and I seem to be completing something. I think we're both wrapping up our pre-baby lives.

We both start sentences with "This will be the last time," a lot. "This will be the last time we'll be going to the lake without a kid," or "This is the last weekend I can be away without having to worry about you going in to labor." It's really interesting. It feels like being at Disney World, the park is going to close in one hour, and we both say to each other "Oh my god, we only have time for two more rides!"

I must say that I like it. It's amazing to think that next summer we'll have a rug rat to swim with, or that Christmas will involve a new little elf and it's own stocking on the mantle. (You better believe that The Remix will be dressed like an elf, if I have anything to say about it.)

For those of you wondering, Amber is doing great. I can tell she is getting a smidge uncomfortable and sleeping is an effort for her. All that aside, she's radiant and healthy. Her doctor says her weight is spot on and all is going well.


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