Monday, September 14, 2009

Dad Detail

"... you have no idea how much crap these kids need."
Quote from Three Men and a Baby

This quote kept running through my head over the weekend as I put together a seemingly endless stream of things for the coming kid. Saturday involved a stroller, diaper genie, and bouncer. Sunday I conquered the car baby carrier. Tonight involved me versus the pack-n-play. So far, I'm undefeated, but I wouldn't be much of a father if I lost, now would I?

I thought for sure Amber was going to have the kid early Sunday morning. About 1am, Amber starting having contractions. Strong contractions. She just went full-term on Thursday, so in theory she could have the kid and everything would be cool. It wasn't out of the realm of possibility. I broke out the book, started reading up on the signs of labor, we even called the nurse. Turns out they were just really intense braxton-hicks contractions, but for a minute I was ready to throw her over my shoulder and hightail it to the hospital. She's doing fine now, no serious contractions for well over a day, but she did say that the kid is low in her body. Like, real low. Amber's latest prediction: D-day will be 9-22-09.


Blogger Jeremy said...

October 6th. That's when it's going to happen.

Good job on the dad detail. Keep it up cause it never ends! there will always be something new to put together.

September 15, 2009 at 9:12 AM  

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