Friday, July 23, 2010

A While

Time flies when the world is turned upside down. Tons has been happening here at Borozny-HQ, but I'm going to skip that and get right to the meat: Scarlett is mobile.

I can't describe the difference a crawling baby is from a younger one who is not able get around on their own. (By "baby", I mean Scarlett.) First, it's entertaining. She stomps with her hands when she crawls and squeals with excitement for really no reason. When she sees the cat, plug your ears 'cuz that may get loud too. Second, I love getting her up from sleeping and she's right there, standing up in the crib with hands on the railing, waiting to be picked up. Lastly, she can reach things, such as the remote on the coffee table or toys from her toy bin. She can just reach in and grab them! Oh, and the baby babble can be the cutest thing, especially when it sounds like "dadadadadadadada".

On the flip side, she can be out and gone from sight in seconds. Also, she loves to grab the cat really hard, and not let go. Luckily, Marley Cat has not freaked out one bit. Oh, and she weighs a ton compared to what she used too.

All in all, Scarlett is pretty cool. Here is a pic I just took using my webcam.


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