Saturday, July 23, 2011


Scarlett on the slide. I love this photo. Looks like she is sliding from heaven (which if you ask me, she did.)

Being a dad is nothing like I thought it would be. One example is the "Pride", meaning the feeling I get about Scarlett, is something I wasn't prepared for or expecting. I will wear a "world's best dad" shirt if she gives it to me, and I'll bet money if she makes the honor roll and gets a bumper sticker, I'll slap that puppy right on my car. This is really surprising as I usually roll my eyes and say to myself "live your own life, loser" when I see those.

Maybe it's not pride, maybe this is love. I feel it the same way about Amber, especially when I use my term of endearment for her, "Wife". I'm so excited that she is my wife, in a similar way to the way that I'm so excited Scarlett is my daughter.

Whatever it is, I'm glad it's there and I wouldn't change it one bit.

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