Sunday, September 27, 2009

Baby Talk

First, Scarlett Iva is one week old yesterday. It's surreal to me to think of a person as only 8 days old. I can count that using only my hands!

Things have been good this past week. All three of us have been learning. Mom and baby have seemingly mastered breast feeding. Amber and I have gotten much better at swaddling. I don't get all nervous when she cries. All good things.

This week I also remembered one of the things I adore about Amber: her baby-talk voice. Of course, when we first started dating this was her doggie-talk voice, but the way she talks to Scarlett is the same. It's the cutest thing and I love to hear it. I can't get enough of it. I'll sometimes stop what I'm doing in the house to listen to it. The really funny thing is that she says she can't do it on cue, the inspiration (either dog, cat, or Scarlett) must be present.

"Day 8" from Scarlett: The First Two Weeks


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