Monday, April 26, 2010

A Thought

Amber says that my brain works a bit differently than everyone else's. Maybe she's right as I just had this thought: Amber takes a shower every day. Let me explain.

I watch Scarlett on Saturdays while Amber is as work. I can barely find the time to breathe, let alone bathe myself. How does Amber find the time to do it every day while walking a tightrope between the changing wants and needs of a 7 month old?

I say all this half joking, but underneath the jest is sincere amazement and awe at what my wife is capable of. She takes care of Scarlett full-time (bathing, feeding, changing, entertaining), goes food shopping (sometimes to three different stores in a one week period), cleans the house, washes a load of bibs every other day, plus a zillion other things I don't even notice. We always have toilet paper, our spice cupboard is alphabetized, and because of her, I always have snack food at work. All this, and she still finds time to clean herself and look ravishing.

Wow. Mega-wow.

God bless my incredible wife.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Her Favorite

Scarlett changes each day. She keeps us (mostly Amber) on our toes. One day she likes to sleep, crashing out for hours on end. The next, the one where we have to get stuff done, she wants to be held the entire day.

Right now, her favorite toy is a simple envelope. It's got to have the clear viewing window that makes the crinkling noise she's looking for, but she can play with an envelope for an extraordinary amount of time. It's great.

She also loves to kick back in some jammies with a bottle after the end of a hard day, as seen below.

From Scarlett, relaxing.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Scareltt is Playing

There are pluses and minuses to working and not being home during the day. One of the pluses is that I get to see Scarlett's development in chunks. Since Amber is with her all day, Scarlett's progress can get blended together in a day-to-day swirl of diaper changes, laundry, walks, naps, and other whatnots of raising a baby. I on the other hand, get to come home and experience Scarlett doing something totally new. It's like when I was a kid and my relatives who did not see me very often would say, "you've gotten so tall."

This happened yesterday as I noticed Scarlett is now playing. She ripped her bib off and started just flailing it around, stuffing it in her mouth, throwing it away, and so on. She did this for a good 20 minutes. It was the coolest! She was not doing this just a week ago.

Here is a pic of her this morning, just playing.

From Scarlett April 2010